A Day in The Life of Pete’s Travel

Last week I was playing one night at the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, IA. The itinerary called for me to fly into Omaha, NE where a car would pick me up and drive me two hours to the casino.  I’d spend the day in a hotel room at the Hard Rock, do the show that night, then get driven back to a hotel in Omaha. I thought it might be interesting to document via photos, video, audio, and of course my typed prose to show how it all went down. Hope you enjoy what has become a day in my life as a comic.

Upon self -check-in at the airport kiosk, I was informed my flight might be over sold and that I will be assigned a seat at the gate.  Most everyone knows that’s code for: there’s a good chance you’re getting bumped entirely.

Sure enough, the Delta agent at the gate - a woman who looked like she’d rather be sucking a Marlboro and sipping a white wine - informed me that I had in fact been bumped from the flight. When I asked why I was getting bumped for a flight I had already paid for I was told it was because I didn’t pay enough. Huh? Don’t believe me?  Click below to hear the audio of the Delta agent informing me my purchased ticket meant nothing.

Unreal man, right?! Luckily, I made enough of a scene at the gate for the agents to realize it would be in everyone’s best interest to get me a seat on the flight. How I haven’t ended up in an airport jail is beyond me.

Having put the worst of it behind me I thought I would be able to sit back and get some sleep on the plane. Check out a simple travel tip below for sleeping on your flight

Still not convinced the hat over the face is the way to go? Take a look at this guy I caught across the aisle.

IMG_4840 copy.JPG

Hat or no hat I wasn’t getting any sleep on this flight because I had a child seated in front of me banging his head against my seat the entire two and a half hours. Every so often the parents muttered a half-assed reprimand for the kid to stop but he completely ignored them. The parents didn’t care anyway since they were only fake disciplining him to placate the rest of us passengers. This is how it goes, dummies raising dummies and we all pay the price.

Arriving at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel I was informed that they couldn’t find my reservation. “Are you sure your staying with us?” the woman behind the front desk politely asked.

“Well you guys picked me up at the airport and drove me hear so I assumed you knew I had a reservation.”

She excused herself to the back room for a moment, when she returned she told me that my room was available for check in - across the highway at the Stony Creek Inn! Since the car service had driven off and I didn’t want to wait thirty minutes for it to return I decided to schlep my roller bag a quarter mile down the shoulder of the highway to the Stony Creek Inn.  After starting my day at 3:30am I am finally checking into this seedy wood lodge hotel at 1pm. I approached the desk, smiled and told the front desk woman, “I just walked over from the Hard Rock where they informed me you had a room ready for me.” She snapped back defensively, “I said I have your reservation but I didn’t say your room was ready yet.”  

I answered politely, “Oh because they told me to come over now because the room was ready.” Of course I was thinking, didn’t I already deal with this peach at the Delta desk? Again she snapped back “That’s not what I said to them I said -”

I cut her off; I’d had enough. “I don’t care what you said or they said, the room was booked for day use only so can I just get into damn room please!”

I was seething and the lady could tell, she wisely clammed up and reluctantly checked me in. I knew they had plenty of rooms and that this lady was just tired of people arriving early and expecting to get in so she tried to take it out on me, wrong guy. Ironically, as she silently checked me in I was fumbling through the hotel’s brochure and came across a picture of the woman in front of me checking a young attractive couple into the hotel.  After the paper work was done she programmed my keys, put them into a little key card and without saying a word or looking at me she tossed them onto the counter. I caught the key packet before it slid off then I looked up at her and said, “Are you kidding me Ms.? And you’re in the brochure!  Speaks volumes about this dump.” 

Ok, maybe the place wasn’t a dump but it was outdated and weird man, in all my years traveling I never came across this “perk” below…

I had an afternoon to check out Souix City Iowa, turns out that was more than enough time.

That evening just before the start of the show the manager of the venue came into the green room. He explained that if the feature act was driving back to Omaha that evening there was no sense in having the casino’s town car service drive me when I could grab a ride with him. I said, “we’ve exchanged texts and I’m pretty sure he’s staying here in Sioux City tonight.” 

I was lying, I never texted the feature and I had no clue what his travel plans were. I just knew I wanted a ride in that damn town car.  The manager said the feature act was eating at the buffet and when he came back I should ask. When the feature returned I introduced myself then quickly explained the situation and told him if the manager asks he should just say he was not going back to Omaha tonight. The feature goes, “oh I’m sorry man, the manager tracked me down at the buffet and asked, I told him I was going back so he asked me to give you a lift.”

I said, “oh ok, no problem, I appreciate the lift.”

He goes, “no problem, and we got plenty of time for a lot of comedy stories.”

I mumbled, “I hear ya,” as I walked off. I know I’m to blame, I should have just insisted on the car service. I was trying to be a nice guy, Mr. Accommodating, but it’s got to stop. I have to start giving myself a little more self-respect or no one else will and I’ll continue to end up driving home in this…click below to see the chariot I was escorted in.


In that last photo above, that’s my suitcase in the bed of the pick-up truck, I could only fit my computer bag in the cab. I went from a black sedan town car driving me home to standing outside waiting while the feature act kindly removed the fast food wrappers from the seat and the floor of the passenger side of his pick-up truck.

I’m not complaining and I know we all have our own shit to deal with. But the next time you crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine, take a moment and silently toast yourself, because life can be tough and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for plowing through the knee deep bullshit.

Luckily, I was able to get enough sleep to be fresh for Omaha’s version of Good Morning America - THE MORNING BLEND.