Lawn Barber

Some of you folks have heard me mention that for the past 15 years my wife has been cutting my hair. It simply grows too fast and I never loved the small talk while they cut. Whenever possible she would cut outside to minimize the clean up afterward, from the front stoop in NYC to the drive-way in LA to the front lawn in Fredonia, many strangers have walked past while my wife was trimming me up. Unfortunately, citing time as an issue,  she’s retiring from cutting my hair. However I know some of you folks still can’t believe I’d actually get my haircut out on my property, often writing in that you needed to see it to believe it.  So to commemorate the end of this practice, I’m posting a never before seen photo of me getting my haircut on the front lawn… fittingly, the last outdoor cut ever. My wife is doing the cutting while I’m seated on an empty five-gallon paint bucket - Holy white trash! The photo is severely cropped so you can’t see my bare feet, you people deserve better than to see that, besides I couldn’t deal with the comments ripping on them. To put this photo into perspective, a neighbor jogged past during and yelled, “I loved your stuff on tv the other night!”