Johnny Damon

Here's a never before seen, first look at a video from the archives. Johnny Damon was a star baseball player for the Boston Red Sox in 2004 when they finally won the World Series. He had a big bushy beard, long hair and the woman loved him. By 2005 he had become a NY Yankee and had to shave the beard. He’s now retired but baseball fans will always remember him for his time with the Red Sox. One day around six years ago, I hadn't shaved for a while and I found this wig at the radio studio where I co-hosted Breuer Unleashed, an afternoon radio show on SiriusXM. I tried it on for a goof and thought I looked like Johnny Damon so I decided to film a commercial pretending to be him when he was on the Red Sox. But what would a cool guy, a wild child, a bad boy for a town that was dying for a championship endorse? There was only one clear answer….
PS There's a reason this clip has remained in the archives, but after six years I now think it's funny…because of how bad it is.
PSS The hot blonde I make out with is my wife.